A black panther is the melanistic variant of several species of cats within the panthera group. they can live about 12 years in the wild and 20 years in captivity.
Wild Black Panther Diagrams

june 18

a black panther is the melanistic (black) version of a jaguar or leopard. a black jaguar. wild cats; home. recent site activity; browse categories. animal life; ranger - mascara.

This site presents detailed information about the black panther - an exotic wild animal. for people who enjoy visual images of black panthers, you may find various.
Google then click images then type black bear diagrams. yes, and no. a black panther/black puma is really a jaguar, or leopard, wild cats; home.

  The term 'black panther' is quite often used in connection with large black cats panthers are wild animals and cannot be comfortably kept as house pets.  

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