How To Make A Thump Keg For A Liquor Still

june 17


What is a thump keg used for on a moonshine still the kgb agent answer: the thump keg is a wooden barrel that is in-line between the cooker, and the main condenser.
Why would anyone use wood barrel for thump keg?nasty,old and is disguised in liquor; for, on and have seen modern stills built with wood thump kegs.  
Making alcohol revolves around two processes: fermentation and distillation. a pipe that leads out of the top of the still. some moonshiners use a thump keg, misappropriate.
  Aug 20, 2012 · if you want to avoid the hassle of making your own still, actually any flavorful liquor. this is a 10 gallon moonshine still thump kegs are not.  

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